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Halloween Costume Sizing and Selection Tips

Halloween Costume Sizing and Selection Tips

Halloween Costume Sizing and Selection Tips


Costume Tips

Halloween Costumes are fun and provide the perfect opportunity to express your dark side, flaunt your alter ego, or explore secret wishes. Whether you have a daughter in love with Twilight and interested in only vampire costumes, a son looking to save Gotham City, or you have a secret desire to step out with Prince Charming in a Cinderella costume, you need a costume that satisfies your expectations in quality and fits properly.

Sizing is a very important issue in costume shopping, and we all want your costumes to arrive and fit as expected. We have gone to great lengths to research the accuracy of sizes and measurements provided from our manufacturers, including costume tryouts for family and employees of all shapes, sizes, and ages, ranging from newborn to plus size. We feel confident that the measurements we have provided are as accurate as possible, but we do recommend you rely more heavily on the body measurement specifications rather than dress sizes.

If in doubt, sometimes it is best to choose a size larger, especially when children and babies are concerned, and often teens as well. Some bodies run small, and some run larger, so two kids can be the same dress size, but fit clothing completely differently. If you feel your child tends to run in the smaller of those groups, you may be fine ordering without reservation, but any extra height or weight may be a factor in choosing a size larger.

Baby costumes should be large enough to leave room for layers if you plan to bring your baby out in the cool Halloween evening air. Disney Princess dresses and ballerina costumes can be purchased a little large to leave room for little girls to grow and play, long after Halloween. Disney costumes for adults have been reported to run on the smaller size in some designs.

Secret Wishes costumes tend to be quite forgiving, and can usually be purchased in the size you would normally wear. Secret Wishes is a line of sexy adult costumes for women, and allows for curves and plus size bodies.

We support the practice of not settling for a costume that is not your size. Our costume dress sizes include body measurements which should be taken into consideration. Please review all provided measurements, and contact us for any additional advice. Our sales team is trained and familiar with the specifics associated with the different manufacturers we receive product from, and can often help if you need a costume that does not appear to be available in your size.

Terms such as quality, deluxe, and prestige refer to the manufacturers "good-better-best" design, with prestige often being a few steps up from a more basic costume. Prestige costumes often include accessories, sparkle overlays, and stitching and details not found in less expensive versions. Quality costumes are often great presents and Halloween costumes, and can be worn over and over for active imaginations.

Many of our costumes are of the highest quality, suitable as theatrical costumes, for use during Renaissance Faires, and for work and office promotions. Materials range from cotton to crushed velvet, with faux fur trims, belts, hats, leggings, boot covers and more.

Please send in your pictures! We love to see our customers dressed in our costumes, and we will post on our website as long as images are not obscene or in any other way inappropriate.