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Funny Costumes Make A Costume Party Memorable

Funny Costumes Make A Costume Party Memorable

Funny Costumes Make A Costume Party Memorable

Funny Costumes are available for all personalities and every sense of humor. Funny costumes are one of the most popular costume categories and bring laughs to any crowd or party. Laughter is the best medicine for tough times or a dull week, so suit up and step out! Whether looking to bring laughs to kids as a clown, or dressing your child in a funny banana costume for school, many of our funny costumes are family friendly. Other funny costumes are geared for a slightly older group, ranging from the college favorite Beer Pong costume to the Dr Ophelia Cummings adult costume.

Beer Pong Funny Costume

Funny costumes are great for serving up laughs and making an evening memorable. Are you tired of looking for your face in pictures from parties and finding nothing but the back of your head (or at least you think that was you)? Or do you find yourself always having to introduce yourself to the same people at each gathering? Stop being so forgettable and get remembered! Finding the best funny costume that will bring the most laughs will help you get the attention that will have you sure to pose in the spotlight for a few pictures at your next gathering.

Dual Man and Woman Funny Costume

Many funny costumes represent funny characters, such as the Love Guru costume, Austin Powers costumes, including Dr Evil and Felicity Shagwell. Go back to Bedrock with the Flintstones costumes featuring Wilma and Fred Flintstone as well as Barney and Betty Rubble. The Sesame Street gang can all reunite this Halloween with Bert and Ernie, Elmo, the Cookie Monster, and even Oscar the Grouch costumes. The Adult Swim costumes with Frylock, Master Shake, and Jackie Moon are all here to bring a smile to party goers faces.

Frylock Adult Swim Costume

Food costumes are often found humorous, and we offer a selection of costumes ranging from the animal it started off as to the condiments used on the finished product. Kick off the night as the turkey, fuzzy chicken costume or cow, and make your way to the banana or watermelon costumes. The Booberry costume and count Chocula costume are new this year and are out of the norm of the same old costumes you see ever year. For the more creative characters, you can even disguise yourself as a hot dog, ketchup, or mustard! The final costume in the food category? Why the Sumo Wrestler costume! He can't exist without the intake of food!

Fuzzy Chicken Costume

For the edgy adults that ring in the college parties and adult gatherings, we have a slew of funny adult costumes! Many of the adult costumes have innuendos that cause the theme to be called adult, while others are pretty self explanatory. From the Hung Like a Horse and Ring Toss costumes for men to the Perky Viking and Sexy Texy costumes for women, the fun is ever so abundant. The Catch of the Day for the fisherman along with the Fire Extinguisher can show your hobbies and careers in a different light! The Freshman 15 and Anita Waxin costumes promise hilarious good times, while the Shocker costume may send some party goers to their Blackberries in frantic search of the definition. For the racy adults wanting to take another step towards being remembered, dress as the Mac Daddy and his Hot Mama. Just hope the cops aren't around!

Freshman 15 Funny Costume

For the young and innocent, funny kid costumes include Tootsie Roll and Guppy baby costumes, Gnomes, Sock Monkey, aliens, penguins, and Man Eating Shark costumes. Kids can get a laugh dressed as a mime, clown, hippie, or even Wall-E costumes.

Tootsie Roll Baby Costume

Enjoy dressing in a funny costume this year and causing a stir. Costumes should be fun and uplifting, and laughter is the best judge of a good costume and a great party! Choose a Funny Costume to make yourself as memorable as the party itself!