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Making Vampire Costumes Immortal

Making Vampire Costumes Immortal

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Vampire costumes wrap you up in the folklore tales of the blood sucking demons that stroll the streets at night, looking for an innocent victim to feed from. Spawning from the classic tales detailing the attire of the undead, vampire costumes are created to take you back in history, right into the beginning of the vampire craze. Long robes and collared shirts or capes help to create a dramatic look that vampires have been known to sport. Dark colors of black and red accent an already pale appearance making the beasts look even more chilling. Women vampires take on the look of the seductress, luring in victims easily with her short and sassy skirts, low cut tops, and flirtatious designs.

Children enjoy the excitement that is unraveled with their vampire costumes. Stunning design, dark colored clothing, and fangs to add that spooky touch keep kids enticed at the idea of blood sucking beasts roaming the streets. Adding the perfect make up to an already spine chilling costume will have your little one scaring the whole town.

History of Vampires

Vampire stories have been heard in almost every single culture around the world over the past nine centuries. With so many stories of demons, undead, beasts that lurk in the night, and blood thrived beasts, there must be some truth to the tales that chill us to our very core. Men were the most predominantly spoken of in the world of vampires as they already had more strength than women. Although ladies do take part in the tales of blood thirsty beasts, attacking their prey viciously just to have a succulent meal. Vampires are said to have no reflection at all. The lack of a soul causes them to see nothing when trying to catch a peek at themselves.

Creation of a vampire in folklore tales is much different than perceived in movies and television shows that are viewed today. Some cultures, mostly Slavic or Chinese, believed that if a dog or cat jumped over the corpse it was feared that they would become part of the undead. The views of how to become a vampire now consist of being bitten and "changed" by the beasts. Many cultures took extreme cautions and preparations to keep from having their family members become part of the blood thirsty crowds. Placing religious monuments or mementos along side the graves were said to keep the evil spirits from being able to cross into the grave. Burying a person face down was another myth about salvation from being "turned," believed by many families and cultures. Placing a coin in the mouth of the deceased was another widespread belief in keeping evil spirits away or even paying tolls into the underworld so that peace could be made and your body no longer able to be taken over by vampires. Tales like this spread deeper into vampire folklore causing an ever rising popularity spike in the wonders of vampires.

Apotropaics, items used to ward vampires away, range in variety greatly. Basically anyone can find what they need to keep the bloodthirsty beasts from attacking them. An all time classic, garlic, is said to scare the undead away with it's stagnant aroma. Wearing garlic around your neck, hanging it on your door, or laying it next to an entryway will keep the beasts from entering the area. The branch of a wild rose worked the same way, the sweet smell of the rose was too much for the sensitive noses of the vampires. The almighty crucifix is another apotropaic that is commonly found in the homes of believers in the undead. If someone is scared of vampires they definitely have one of these lying around. A rosary or holy water is also a widely known must have for keeping blood suckers away.

Appearance - How to Recognize a Vampire

Vampires are said to be lighter in color, bloated, and of a healthier look than most dead would seem. Only seen after the sun fell below the horizon, Vampires roam the streets at night as sunlight and vampires are not a good mix at all. Finding a vampire roaming the grounds during the day is unheard of. Traveling at night, especially alone is looked down upon as being safe at night is far from a guarantee with vampires around. Pale skin and a set of horrific fangs define the evil aspects of the vampire clan.

Folklore tales have changed throughout the years with new ways to identify and kill vampires. The all too popular tale of a stake in the heart will do the trick. A wooden stake does best for this kind of destruction of the beasts. This comes from the belief of placing sickles with a corpse in it's coffin so that if the corpse is changed and bloats, he will be staked to death before he can rise from the grave. Decapitation is another form of assassination for the blood suckers. Although you can't just cut off the head of the vampire, you must also keep it a distance away from the body so that the evil spirits can't replace it. Usually when a vampire is decapitated, his head is buried at the feet of the beast to keep it from being able to grab it and put it back in place.

Keeping vampire legends going and running strong, movies and television series are drawing in larger crowds than ever. Everyone is enjoying the evil tales of blood thirsty vampires and how the stories heard as a child are still holding true to believers. Keeping the popularity of vampire costumes up and in order helps to keep these legends of folklore and terror alive and thriving. Beware, vampires could be lurking anywhere...