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70 LED Pink/Fuchsia (Mini Ice - M5) Light Set, Green Wire

Item: P838

This item (P838) is not currently available for purchase.

  • Light Count: 70
  • Style: Mini Ice - M5
  • Bulb Color: Pink/Fuchsia
  • Wire Color: Green
  • Spacing: 4"
  • String Length: 24'
  • Connector Type: End-to-End
  • Rated for 200,000 Hours
  • Energy Saving LED Lights
  • Virtually Unbreakable (No Glass)
  • Colors will not fade or flake
  • Cool to touch
  • Water and Weather Resistant
  • For Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor installations or displays
  • Commercial Quality
  • Rated 0.02A, 3.6 Watts per Set
  • Why our lights are better - Our LEDs have undergone extensive testing through the Energy Star Testing Program Tests - our bulbs had a 0.016% failure rate compared to an average failure rate of 2.65% for all manufacturers tested Lumen Maintenance - Our bulbs maintain 92.2% of their original brightness after 1,000 hours of use compared to a 67% average for all manufacturers tested
  • Accelerated Weathering Tests - Lights are subjected to high humidity and UV radiation to simulate outdoor use. Our lights had 0.0% failure rate compared to 5.2% for all manufacturers tested