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Planning the Perfect Kids Halloween Costume Party

Planning the Perfect Kids Halloween Costume Party

Planning the Perfect Kids Halloween Costume Party


Everyone knows that kids will take any opportunity that they can to dress up. Why not throw the little ghouls and goblins a Halloween Costume Party? Children seemed to be drawn to dramatic play. Running around dressed in their favorite costumes, playing games and devouring sugar is every kids dream!


Planning the perfect Kids Halloween Party can be relatively easy. First determine whether or not you want to have a themed costume party or let the kids come dressed in the costume of their choice. Remember, some kids may be a bit more shy than others when it comes to things of this nature.


Once you've narrowed that down, figure out how many kids you would like to invite. If their are quite a few kids, make sure you have enough adults on hand to help out. Send out your invitations 2-3 weeks in advance. This time gives your guests plenty of time to pick out the perfect ghostly costume. It also gives you time to get the decorations and supplies you need to be ready.




As far as the food goes, anything with sugar is always a plus with the kids. You can make cookies and add gummy worms on top along with crushed up Oreos for dirt. Make some Vampire Fangs in Blood. All you need for this is some apples, lemon juice and some cherry sauce. Please keep in mind that if you have a few adults on hand, that you might want to have some adult food on hand.



Now after all that sugar has been inhaled by the little ones, it is now game time. Below are just a few examples on how to keep those ghouls and goblins entertained.


Mummy Wrap Relay - Separate the little creatures into teams. 3 or 4 on a team seem to work best. Each team needs a volunteer that is the mummy and the other players are the wrappers. Provide each group with a roll of toilet paper or paper towels. The first group to wrap a mummy using the entire roll of tissue or paper wins a special prize.


Witch Hunt - You will need the following animal parts and pieces(ingredients)


Hide the ingredients above either in the backyard of in the house, with the baking soda out of the bags. Tell them that once all the pieces are found, something magical happens. Once everything has been found, take a black cauldron(with 2 cups of vinegar inside). Have the kids sit in place as you "mix" the items found in the cauldron. You might want to keep a little extra baking soda on hand just in case enough wasn't brought back. Now, sit back and watch at the amazed look on the kids faces from the chemical reaction. Not to worry though, the real chemical reaction only creates bubbles and froth!


Ice Breaker - Take some small fake spiders or other bugs and freeze them into the ice cubes. Give each kid a drink with just one spooky ice cube. Whichever kid is the first one for that ice cube to break open wins a prize.


Pumpkin Toss - Take a large pumpkin, cut the top off and scrape out the insides(This is best done the day of the party to ensure freshness). Buy a few bags of candy or enough to give the kids a few pieces to throw. Line up the kids at the distance away from the pumpkin of your choosing. Then let the kids throw away and try to put their candy into the pumpkin.


The great thing about a Halloween Costume Party is that the Costumes you buys can be worn for play or dress up! So start planning your Costume Party today!