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How to Plan and Throw the Perfect Costume Party

How to Plan and Throw the Perfect Costume Party

How to Plan and Throw the Perfect Costume Party


One of the greatest things about having a Costume Party is that you and your guests get to be someone else for a night. You get the sense of how the actors feel when they step into a new role. Costumes give you a great excuse to be more wild and crazy or go out in public in something you would never dress in otherwise. There are a few key ingredients to keep in mind when planning a costume party.


Where will the party be?

You will definitely want to go ahead and plan where the party will take place before you make any additional plans. Decide whether your costume party will it be at your house or a club, restaurant, civic center, or wherever. If you are hosting the party at a public location, book the facility well in advance, especially if your party is going to be around a holiday.

What is your party theme?


Picking a costume party theme can be the most fun. You can choose to just have a general costume theme, or be specific in the costume styles and era of dress. Some great costume party themes are listed below:

The list of possible costume themes is endless, and each idea is fun and unique in its own right. You might choose to have no theme and let everyone come dressed as they want. Try something fun and have a costume contest. Buy two gag gifts and award both the best dressed and the worst dressed.

Planning for the Party

Decide when your costume party should start. You can put an end time or leave it open ended, it all depends on how long you would like to spend with your guests. A later start might give you more time to prepare for the party.


As far as sending out invitations, you should try and do it about 2 weeks before the party date. Start talking about your party before hand for those people who really like to plan in advance. Try and do an evite invitation to save you a few bucks on invitations, and they are easy to use. Evite also helps you keep up with how many people are coming. Also note on your invitation whether or not your party will be kid friendly. Don't be hesitant about including this. This is one area people need to know about beforehand, in case they need to find a babysitter. You may also include on your invitation that people should feel free to bring a side dish or appetizers, but don't make them feel like they have to. The host is usually responsible for the meat or main dish. If your guests decide to bring a dish or dessert, they can write it in on the evite as well so others will see what has already been offered. Make it very clear whether or not your guests need to B.Y.O.B. This is not offensive as it's the norm for most parties.


If the costume party is being held at your house, and you get some volunteers to help with anything, take them up on it. Planning and hosting a party is hard work, and when the party begins you don't want to be too tired to enjoy it.


If the party is kid friendly, try and make an area for the kids to play in. Maybe a room with toys, games and DVDs. Try and find a few people to take turns kid watching to make it easier on everyone. Also think about the food aspect, if you are footing the bill for the main dish, kids will be fine for hamburgers and hot dogs - they love that stuff!

Party Decorations

Now for decorating. Decide how you want to decorate regardless of where the party is being held. You may want to go all out with lavish and extravagant party decorations, or do something simple. Get together with a couple of friends and get their opinions on what would look good. Decorate as soon as possible to go ahead and get it out of the way. If you have reserved a place for the party, sometimes they will have people that will do it for you. Have something to play music on, and shuffle songs around if you have the option so that you can cater to everyone's taste and for dancing. And last, but not least, do not forget the party favors. Even if it's an adult costume party, get party favors for all ages - noise makers, hats, etc, because you will have adults in the group that will use them!!


Have fun! Take lots of pictures so that your costume party will be remembered for many years to come!